Servo motor repair service

Repair and maintenance of all manufacturers and types

Servo Repair Center: All servo motors!

Computer-aided test facility for all makes.
Factory setting with original control units.
Spare parts from our own stock, exchange motors from our own stock.

Servo motors are highly complex and require qualified and experienced specialists for maintenance and repair. Many years of experience and our own test bay give you the security, also in terms of costs, through fixed prices.

  • Basically disassembly, diagnosis, winding insulation, cleaning, ball bearing, bearing seat, pulse generator, repainting, test field run
  • Measurements for fault detection on motors and encoder systems
  • Cost estimate also with all-inclusive prices for certain complete service packages
  • Rewinding of servo and spindle stators in our own winding shop
  • Repair of demagnetized permanent magnet armatures
  • Mechanical repairs of armature shafts (bearing seats, worn armature shafts, worn keyways, leaking flange seals)
  • Encoder exchange and adjustment: Tacho position encoder, resolver, and absolute encoder, tacho feedback, incremental feedback, digital servo feedback, gear sensors.
  • Fine balancing of servo and spindle rotors in 2 planes according to dynamic vibration classes R, S, SR, S1, S2
  • Adjustment of commutation track
  • Test run via reversing ramps as well as through function generators with practical sequence cycles
  • Synchronization of all encoder systems, including optical encoders, absolute encoders, resolvers, rotor position encoders, tachogenerators, etc.
  • All other mechanical and electrical work



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