Pick-up & bring service

The place for your repair machines: Provision of the "Pick - Up-Box 120 x 80 x 80 cm

Automatic pick-up and delivery of all motors, gear motors, servo motors, drives, pumps & converters by our own vehicles or by our logistician

At regular intervals - or on request by logistics or express, on request within 2 hours!

Simplest handling of all repair, overhaul and maintenance for all drives: Manufacturer-neutral!

Krauter offers with the "Pick Up Service" and the "Pick up Box" the all-round service, a complete service, which makes the life around the drive, drive elements, converters & electronics enormously easier for the maintenance engineer.

In manufacturing operations you often have little scope for maintenance and service work. Therefore, it is good to know that Krauter as a service partner can also help in emergencies and at weekends.

You as an end user need a solution provider as a service partner for all inspections, repairs and overhauls of all your drives, motors, inverters and accessories, no matter which manufacturer.

Part of the service is the standardized "Pick Up Box" which we provide to our regular customers on request. The box is oil-tight and has the standard dimensions of a Euro pallet. The box is automatically picked up on your request or on a regular basis.

For you, the combination with the pick-up and delivery service means the advantage of having only one partner. You do not have to think about which engine make has to go to which workshop.

Your advantages

One central contact for all repairs, overhauls, drive components from all manufacturers

Simple processing through central collection and a demand-oriented collection and delivery of all drives

Reduction of your own effort by taking over the complete coordination and transprotlogistics

Faster processing through reliable collection and delivery

Manufacturer-independent one contact for all manufacturers and all drives

What are the advantages of Krauter-Express?

The fast and uncomplicated exchange as well as the immediate repair of electrical machines in connection with a comprehensive delivery and logistics solution in whole Europe stands for Krauter-Express.

We offer exceptional services which, in combination with our express services, ensure short downtimes. For every requirement, we deliver an individual solution that will get you back "running optimally" faster.

Business: Standard

Replacement, repair or overhaul of electrical machines without deadline pressure. Completion and delivery with industry standard delivery times.

Business: Express

Express is what we call services that guarantee you fast and reliable deliveries. Delivery usually within approx. 48 hours (e.g. ordered today, delivered tomorrow).

Business: Special Express

Special Express are services that guarantee you the fastest and most reliable deliveries. We drop everything immediately and only take care of your order. Here we also work for you after normal working hours and on weekends.

Emergency Service

For emergencies, extremely urgent deliveries and repairs, we are available around the clock every day of the year on the hotline 07161/9383-0.


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