Spindle Repair Service

Repair of machine tool spindles of all makes and types

Spindle service, repair, reconditioning and upgrades of all spindle designs and brands.

All spindle types, All spindle brands, All spindle applications.

KRAUTER - Spindle Service ensures more efficient machine tools. In cooperation with SKF, we offer not only reconditioning, but also optimisation on request.


The typical spindle reconditioning procedure

  1. general visual inspection
  2. Receiving inspection
  3. Motor inspection and E-check
  4. Drive component inspection
  5. Disassembly of the spindle
  6. Check of the tool clamping system
  7. Bearing inspection
  8. Failure analysis
  9. Coolant flow check
  10. Lubricant check
  11. Seal inspection
  12. Bearing journal inspection
  13. Shaft and spindle nose inspection
  14. Quotation preparation
  15. Balancing of rotating parts
  16. Assembly of spindle with new bearings
  17. Encoder adjustment
  18. Axial runout check
  19. Bearing clearance check
  20. Running-in
  21. Unbalance and vibration control
  22. Documentation and feedback

We require: Machine manufacturer, spindle manufacturer, spindle model, rotational speed

Your advantage:Free pick-up service nationwide in regular traffic Fixed price - guarantee after cost estimate, exchange motors from stock.



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