Modern winding

Three-phase current & direct current

Windings for electric machines of any type and power up to 2,500 kW direct current and three-phase current

Repair windings

In case of shutdowns and complete factory overhauls of "ROUND THE CLOCK" producing companies, we are able to overhaul your electrical drives within a short time (by arrangement also in three-shift operation) on schedule in manufacturer quality.

New developments

Through the use of high-quality, coordinated insulation systems with qualified personnel and modern, microprocessor-controlled winding machines, a long-lasting, operationally safe winding structure is achieved. For example, windings of an elevator oil hydraulic system completely immersed in oil require a completely different insulation system and winding construction than a hermetically encapsulated refrigeration compressor motor surrounded by the aggressive refrigerant FRIGEN.


We manufacture windings for export at short notice in all voltages, frequencies and insulation material classes (temperature classes), as well as conversions to other protection classes according to the requirements of the customer.

Series windings



Prospekt Reparatur AC DC Motoren

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