Special systems

Powerful and individual: Customer-specific aggregates

Customer-specific gensets are used

  • for emergency power, peak load and base load supply, for example in industry, clinics, data processing centres, etc.
  • as fast and immediate standby gensets for particularly interruption critical installations, for example IT installations, airport runway populations etc.
  • as container gensets, either for mobile, temporary applications or as an advantageous alternative to conventional, stationary installations.

Our extensive experience in the manufacture of power generation systems is particularly useful for customer-specific gensets - i.e. for system solutions that are precisely adapted to the respective customer, the special area of application and the individual environmental conditions.

The sophisticated design of the drives, the diverse range of accessories and equipment, but above all the know-how of our engineers are guarantees that you will always get the optimum system from us, even for highly sensitive areas or difficult applications. That is why we are your partner when it comes to "Power Solutions". In our own factory in Göppingen we also manufacture power generators & plants according to your wishes:

  • Stationary gensets
  • Container gensets
  • Mobile gensets
  • Hooded gensets
  • Floodlight aggregates

Customized aggregates

are offered in different designs according to customer requirements. The spectrum ranges from pure base frame gensets to finished power generation systems, which are mounted in a genset room or a container.

We supply the entire engineering from project planning to complete system assembly and commissioning on site - all from a single source.

Your advantages:

  • Space-saving
  • Flexible: can be adapted to a wide variety of spatial conditions
  • Low-noise and low-vibration: even suitable for sensitive areas
  • Robust and insensitive, even to extreme climatic conditions
  • Highest possible availability
  • Maximum reliability over the entire service life

Energy with safety system

our system solutions combine technical innovation and commercial attractiveness. The basis in each case is formed by genset construction, switchgear, regulation and control technology as well as switchgear from our own production. The proven advantages, above all for their great reliability, their high economic efficiency, the excellent load acceptance behaviour of the gensets and control system, the low maintenance requirements, characterise the entire power generator system.

All other system components, which we integrate depending on the task and customer requirements, are products of proven manufacturers with long experience and high standards of quality and safety. Our customer-specific gensets also include the following components:

  • Power generating set, consisting of base motor, three-phase synchronous generator and base frame

as well as

  • switchgear, control technology,
  • SoftwareFuel supply system
  • Battery systems
  • Recooling systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Switching and control equipment
  • Ventilation systems
  • Sound insulation for aggregates room
  • transformers

Decades of experience

We incorporate a highly exclusive "detail" in our gensets: our decades of experience.

Every customer, every task is different. From countless successfully realized projects, we know every possible application, the given conditions, all requirements and laws, no matter how special they may be.

This wealth of experience is what essentially makes up our engineering competence. Competence from which you profit directly. Because we offer you comprehensive support right from the start: from technical advice in the search for a solution to technical assistance in the commissioning and handover of your plant.
In addition, as a general contractor we take over the complete system management for you, i.e. the entire project and order processing for turnkey plants.

Invest in experience and know-how. It pays off: in the economic efficiency, reliability and safety of your plant. We are very close to the customer - from project planning to implementation and commissioning.

  • Definition of the project scope and objectives
  • Installation investigations
  • Proposed solutions
  • elaboration
  • technical specification
  • Realization and construction phase
  • Performance tests, commissioning and testing
  • Handover





PowerPack installation systems
PowerPack installation systems
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PowerPack Container
PowerPack mobile power systems
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