Highest effectiveness

The right selection of the right agitator is decisive for you. Krauter offers a wide range of agitators for the most varied applications to go with the proven drive. This ensures that the right agitator is also available for your individual requirements.

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Energy saving

It is a fact that the high energy consumption of processing plants, with regard to their economic efficiency, is increasingly being questioned and examined. Therefore, you should make use of our experience and know-how when optimizing your plant.


Step by step, piece by piece. It is a science to set standards in agitator technology. This includes considering the cost aspect on factors such as flexibility, reliability long service life and ease of operation.

Expertise in factors such as the treatment process, geometry and dimensions of the tank and the nature of the medium is essential.

Your advantages

"Reliable agitation" with almost no downtime. It also means that the conditions prevailing in the plant are used correctly to achieve maximum results with minimum resources. Of course, you have a number of other benefits as well:

- Reliable operation-
Our agitators are individually adapted to the existing conditions, such as basin geometry.
- Easy maintenance-
Less downtime-
Low life cycle costs ensure cost-efficient operation.

What does this mean for you?

You can choose the right agitator for your needs

forward toa solid and innovative product.
When selecting your product, you can rely on
the experience and know-how of our engineers
and technicians.
You can also be sure that all decisions are

basedon extensive calculations and a specially
developed computer simulation for fluid dynamics.

The agitators

Interplay of technology and progress: maximum efficiency as a requirement Know-how and experience in
dealing with flow and thrust.

For you, the right choice of the right agitator is decisive. However, many influencing factors have to be taken into account when making a decision. We know what is important in the design. Therefore, you should contact us with the following considerations:

  • Why stir?(First of all, the reasons for stirring must be known. Mostly it is the stirring of liquids and solid suspensions).
  • What is stirred? (Information about the physical and chemical properties of the liquid is essential for choosing the right components.
  • essential for choosing the right components).
  • How do liquids behave? (It is important to determine the properties and flow characteristics of the fluid if it is significantly different from pure water. Two important parameters are of particular importance here: viscosity and flow behaviour).
  • Basin geometry is important: (The following parameters must be determined for the correct agitator size: Agitation conditions and desired result, fluid properties, basin geometry and installation constraints).
  • Calculate required agitator thrust: The agitation result in many applications is determined by the strength of the general flow. In most applications, there is a lot of turbulence and it is the strength of the flow that determines the agitation efficiency. The available thrust determines the strength of the flow.
  • Proper arrangement is the key to optimal agitation: Proper arrangement is the most effective means for successful and efficient agitation. In processes where solids must be mixed and held in suspension, certain basic principles must be considered.
  • For horizontally mounted submersible mixers and jet mixers: the jet must build up over a long distance.Place the agitator so that the flow deflection at the basin boundaries is jerk-free.
  • Vertical agitators: the lower propeller drives the flow along the walls and must therefore meet strict ground clearance criteria. This results in maximum flow and efficient mixing, while optimizing investment and operating costs.



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