Synchronous generators

are load-independent and have a stable synchronous speed, no slip, a defined rotor position with high dynamics, high torque and high efficiency

  • Power: 5 to 4,000 kVA
  • Speed: 3000, 1500, 1000, 750 rpm
  • Voltage: low voltage: 231 / 400 to 1,000 V, 50 Hz - medium voltage: from 1,000 to 6,600 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection classes: IP 23, IP 44, IP 54, IP 64
  • Thermal classes: F and H


All generators supplied by us can be supplied with options:

  • Clutches
  • Brakes
  • Incremental encoder for speed measurement
  • Slip ring chamber lighting
  • PTC, KTY and PT 100 for thermal monitoring and protection of motor windings and bearings
  • Carbon brush monitoring
  • Standstill heating for fluctuating ambient temperatures
  • Voltage regulator
  • Starting resistors
  • Leakage sensors
Bild Stromerzeuger Synchrongenerator 85 kVA 4 pol 400 Volt Niederspannung

Example: Synchronous generator 85 kVA 4 pole 400 Volt low voltage



If repair of a defective generator is uneconomical or takes too long, we manufacture an electrically and mechanically identical replica of the original machine at the customer's request. This replica complies with the currently valid regulations, standards statutory provisions. Regardless of whether the original generator was from ABB, AEG, AvK, STAMFORD, LeroySomer, Loher, Marelli, Schorch, SIEMENS, we build it.


  • no change of the plant concept necessary
  • no costs for the adaptation of the foundation
  • no new approvals necessary
  • machines can be exchanged without complications

Asynchronous generators

We also supply asynchronous generators on request. These are characterized by simple, "independent" start-up, the start-up can go against high counter-torques, long service life, high speed suitability, high efficiency are self-evident.





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