Werner Krauter GmbH in the Swabian town of Göppingen has been producing, supplying and repairing electrical drives since 1959.The

fact that we have been operating successfully on the market for more than five decades is no coincidence. It is the professionalism and the commitment of our employees in Göppingen that are the reason for this success, as well as the stable value system of a family business that combines economic know-how with responsibility as a business partner and employer.

Together with our employees we are always on the ball, developing forward with new ideas. This makes us particularly flexible and efficient. Qualities that you, as our business partner and customer, can rely on - today already in the second generation.

Krauter produces, supplies and repairs all electrical machines.

Always for the customer: System know-how for tailor-made complete solutions.

KRAUTER is a leading supplier of drives, electric motors, complete drive systems and generators for industrial applications.

KRAUTER offers electric drives and generators with a wide range of performance and applications, in some cases immediately from stock. It includes three-phase motors, geared motors, DC motors, servo motors, frequency converters, frequency inverters, transformers, pumps.

KRAUTER manufactures electrical power units in its own plant and unit construction department, which are also used in industry, by municipal utilities, in the trades and in hospitals as mobile power generators, emergency power generators, in-house power supplies, combined heat and power units (CHP).

Generators and switchgear are also part of the product range.

Company location Göppingen:

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